Big India Farms (BIF) bought the first farm lands in Sohagpur towards end of year 2007. Since then, we had grown to 300 acres before realizing the enormous potential of the beauty and uniqueness of the area.

Tiger Valley was launched in Jan 2013 as the brand name under which we are developing farmhouses, including fruit plantations and eco-tourism activities. We have seen a very positive response for these 1 and 2 acre farmhouses.

In Sohagpur, BIF is also doing advanced agri projects, like seed banks, plant nurseries and hatcheries, to supply these vital inputs to our farms in others areas, like Jabalpur, Umaria, Katni. These projects will involve inputs from government bodies and private funding.

We have been on the ground since 2008, and have achieved the following till date in 2014:

  • Work in progress for Model farms (land acquired from 2008 onwards)
  • Tiger Valley Phase 1 launched in Q1 2013 and 50% booked via alumni networks (no external marketing yet)
  • Land acquired for Central Farm producing facility & Greenhouses etc.
  • Land identified for Tiger Valley Phase 2 to 5.
  • Land bought for Tiger Valley School and Medical facility

Over next 5 years, within an area of 3 km x 1 km (that is all to be had), Big India Farms (BIF) has the vision to achieve the following:

  • Two model farms over 150 acres – doing advanced agri projects including laboratories for breeding plants and animals, Seed Banks, Nurseries and Hatcheries
  • Five phases of Tiger Valley Farms with about 300 farm owners
  • Exclusive facilities for Tiger Valley Farm owners and guests/ tourists, incl. Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts, Wild Life Safaris, Golf Course
  • Central Farm produce processing facility, Separate greenhouses
  • Central tourist management facilities

With our work, we are increasing the income levels of poor tribal villages. We also sponsor their cricket and school competitions – a way to contribute and encourage the village youth to dream big.

5 years of hard groundwork done…5 years of execution ahead…and we would create an El Dorado in the centre of India, with Tiger Valley Farms as a showcase example of how high end living, and advanced agri projects can be done in India.

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  1. Deepak says:

    This seems a very interesting project. If you have any brochure please email. I would like to consider buying a farmhouse after a visit.


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