Status Update: 15 Aug 2014
–> Tiger Valley phase-1 is completely booked. Please contact us to register your interest in Tiger Valley phase-2, which maybe started in 2015. We plan to have 25-30 farmhouses in phase-2.

–> Farmhouse pricing starts from Rs 19 lakh per 1.1 acre farmhouse, which includes the development of a fruit tree plantation in the farmhouse.

–> Optional Addons: Wooden furniture made with highest quality Teak wood procured at wholesale prices (not retail prices). Interior design, Solar water heaters, Solar panels for external lighting in the farm house. These can be planned and budgeted.

–> If you want to buy only the farmhouse land, with future flexibility for construction, then Farmhouse Plots are available from Rs 10 lakh per 1.1 acre. These farmhouse plots are ideal for investment because they will appreciate with other farmhouses being developed around them, and because of “very limited” land supply in the area.

10 Responses to Pricing

  1. stephen channer says:

    Please forward details for the Tiger Valley farm houses, layouts, visual plans, cost etc

    many thanks

    Stephen Channer

  2. vishal says:

    I am interested in the tiger valley project , share the detail.



  3. Manu says:

    Interested in learning more of the opportunity… specific items of interest would be…
    1. Pricing
    2. Ownership of land – both current and post purchase
    3. Will the owner have complete control on use of land or are their any restrictions
    4. Does the famer have to use your farm management services or they can do this on their own?
    5. How is the accessibility of these farms?

  4. priya ahluwalia says:

    pls write back with details

  5. Anuj says:

    I am interested in investing in your project

  6. sitesh says:

    pl send me complete details of your farm land along with investment requirement.

  7. Swapnil Dube says:


    I am interested in buying a 1.1 acre farmhouse in Tiger Valley phase 2. Please contact me with the details of pricing, finance options, etc.

    My contact No is 9012385279; 9410575851


  8. AFTAB SINGH says:

    I am interested in investing in your project
    pl send me complete details of your farm land along with investment requirement.

  9. sushil says:

    please give me all the details. photos, google map location(exact), prices , ownership,



  10. Nilanjan Coomar says:

    I am interested in a small farmhouse in phase 2 of your project – either in the land itself, (for construction later) or in a completed farmhouse. Kindly send me some details on current pricing and all charges etc. Thank you.

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