Farmhouse Income Possibilities

  • If farmhouse owner invests in fruit tree plantation, it can give an income of about Rs 50K per acre per annum once the plantation starts production after 4-5 years. The income is inflation-proof and will depend on seasonality of fruit yields, and investment made in water harvesting infrastructure. Such a plantation will also increase the market value of the farm house.
  • If farmhouse owner gives their farm house for tourism purpose, it can generate Rs 50K to 1 lakh per year based on current rentals nearby.
  • Farmhouse owners can contract Big India Farms (BIF) for higher income from value-added farming projects, like teak plantation, organic vegetables, dairy farming, etc.
  • Agri income and capital appreciation are tax free.
  • Appreciation in land value because of the good location and well managed community will happen anyway.
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3 Responses to Farmhouse Income Possibilities

  1. Sanji Bharadwaj says:

    Hi There,
    I am interested to know the farmland development opporutnities in India. I am NRI and interested to invest in farmland. Any advise and information about your company to attract inverstor is appreciated.


  2. Shakker Azhakan says:

    Want to know more about your new projects and really interested to invest in agriculture.

    Waiting your reply…
    Thank you.

  3. S.M.Muzaffar Rizvi says:

    I would like to know more about your farmhouse project in terms of ownership/associated risk factors/restrictions of re-sale /income etc. Since I am an NRI, not sure if I can make investment in such a property ? I would appreciate your comments back along with the e-brochure.
    Thanks & regards

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